Dag le Sage Dyggvesson 1 2 3a

Nom de naissance Dag le Sage Dyggvesson
Nom de naissance Dagur Dyggvasson
Nom de naissance Dag the Wise Dyggvesson
Nom de naissance Dagr av Uppsala
Identifiant Gramps I4858
Genre masculin
Âge au décès inconnu


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Roi d'Uppsala

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Dag the Wise or Dagr Spaka (2nd or 3rd century AD) was a mythological Swedish king of the House of Ynglings. He was the son of Dyggvi, the former king. According to legend, he could understand the speech of birds and had a sparrow that gathered news for him from many lands. When the bird was killed on one of these trips, Dag invaded Reidgotaland (considering the date and location, apparently Gothiscandza), in order to avenge it. There he was ambushed by a thrall and killed.

[source Wikipedia]


Évènement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E3694] estimée entre 99 et 299     3b
Décès [E3695]        


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Père Dyggve Domarsson [I4860]
         Dag le Sage Dyggvesson estimée entre 99 et 299


Famille de Dag le Sage Dyggvesson [F1775]

Nom Naissance Décès
Agne Dagsson [I4857]

Arbre généalogique

  1. Dyggve Domarsson [I4860]
    1. Dag le Sage Dyggvesson
        1. Agne Dagsson [I4857]

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