Andronikos Doukas 1 2

Nom de naissance Andronikos Doukas
Identifiant Gramps I3107
Genre masculin
Âge au décès inconnu



Andronikos Doukas was son of the Caesar John Doukas and Eirene Pegonitissa. His father was a brother of Emperor Constantine X Doukas. His maternal grandfather was Niketas Pegonites. Andronikos himself was a first cousin of Michael VII Doukas.

In 1071 Andronikos was the commander of a section of the Byzantine army in the campaign of Romanos IV Diogenes against the Seljuk Turks of Alp Arslan. Commanding the rearguard of the army during the Battle of Manzikert, Andronikos announced that the emperor had been cut down and deserted from the battlefield. He was widely blamed for causing the crushing defeat of the Byzantine forces and the subsequent capture of Romanos IV by the enemy.

In 1072, after Romanos had been released by Alp Arslan, Andronikos and his brother Constantine were sent out by Michael VII and their father the Caesar John to intercept him. They defeated Romanos and hunted him down in Cilicia. It was Andronikos who finally obtained Romanos' surrender and conducted him towards Constantinople. In spite of his former hatred for the deposed emperor, Andronikos is said to have opposed his blinding on June 29, 1072.

In 1074, together with his father, Andronikos commanded the imperial army against the rebel mercenaries led by Roussel de Bailleul. Both were captured by the rebels, who released the badly wounded Andronikos to allow him to seek proper medical treatment in Constantinople. There he recovered for a few years, but in October 1077 died of an edema.

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Évènement Date Lieu Description Sources
Décès [E4114] 14 octobre 1077 Constantinople / Istanbul, Turquie    
Naissance [E10369]        

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Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Père Ioannes Doukas [I3111]vers 12 mai 1088
Mère Eirene Pegonitissa [I3112]entre 1060 et 1066
         Andronikos Doukas 14 octobre 1077


Famille de Andronikos Doukas et Maria Troiane de Bulgarie [F1378]

Mariés Femme Maria Troiane de Bulgarie [I3108] ( * + après 1081 )
Nom Naissance Décès
Irène Doukas [I2903]1066entre 1123 et 1133