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Nom de naissance Hrólfr Kraki
Nom de naissance Rolf Krake Halfdansson
Nom de naissance Hroðulf
Nom de naissance Rolfo
Nom de naissance Roluo
Nom de naissance Rolf Krage
Nom de naissance Hrōþiwulfaz

    "le fameux loup"

Identifiant Gramps I2179
Genre masculin


Note : 1

Roi du Danemark, violeur et incestueux.
Un vrai exemple pour les générations futures !


Halga, Helgi, Helghe or Helgo was a legendary Danish king living in the early 6th century. His name would in his own language (Proto-Norse) have been *Hailaga (dedicated to the gods).

Scholars generally agree that he appears in both Anglo-Saxon (Beowulf) and Scandinavian tradition (Norse sagas and Danish chronicles). In both traditions, he was a Scylding, the son of Healfdene and the brother of Hroðgar. In Beowulf, his relationship to Hroðulf is not explained, but if he was not his father, as in the Scandinavian tradition, he was at least his uncle. Both traditions also mention his family's feud with Froda and Ingeld.

Whereas, not much is said about Halga in Anglo-Saxon sources, much more is said in Scandinavian ones, all of them containing a version of the story of his incestuous relationship with his own daughter Yrsa. This liaison resulted in Halga's son Hroðulf.

[source Wikipedia]

Note : 2

Hrólfr Kraki, Hroðulf, Rolfo, Roluo, Rolf Krage (early 6th century) was a legendary Danish king who appears both in Anglo-Saxon and in Scandinavian tradition. His name would in his own language (Proto-Norse) have been *Hrōþiwulfaz (famous wolf).

Both traditions describe him as a Danish Scylding, the nephew of Hroðgar and the grandson of Healfdene. The consensus view is that Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian traditions describe the same people. Whereas the Anglo-Saxon Beowulf and Widsith do not go further than treating his relationship with Hroðgar and their animosity with Froda and Ingeld, the Scandinavian sources expand on his life as the king at Lejre and on his relationship with Halga, Hroðgar's brother. In Beowulf and Widsith, it is never explained how Hroðgar and Hroðulf are uncle and nephew, but in the Scandinavian tradition, Halga conceived Hroðulf by raping Yrsa, not knowing that she was his own daughter.

[source Wikipedia]

Note : 3

Yrsa was taken prisoner by, and made the wife of, King Helgi of Denmark. She later found out that King Helgi was her own father and her mother was Queen Alof the Great, wife of King Geirthjof of Saxland. Yrsa's son by Helge, Rolf Krake, later became king of Denmark.

[source Missouri Mule]

Yrsa, Yrse, Yrs or Urse (6th century) was a tragic heroine of Scandinavian legend.
She appears in several versions relating to her husband, the Swedish king Eadgils, and/or to her father and rapist/lover/husband Halga (the younger brother of king Hroðgar who received Beowulf) and their son Hroðulf. The consensus view is that the people surrounding Yrsa are the same people as those found in Beowulf, and the common claim in Beowulf studies that Hroðulf probably was the son of Halga is taken from the Yrsa tradition. Several translators (e.g. Burton Raffel) and scholars have emended her name from a corrupt line (62) in the manuscript of Beowulf, although this is guesswork.

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Évènement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E3663] entre 500 et 550      


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Père Helge Halfdansson [I2177]
Mère Yrsa Helgesdotter [I2176]entre 500 et 599
         Hrólfr Kraki entre 500 et 550
Père Helge Halfdansson [I2177]
Belle-mère Alof la Grande ? [I2178]
    La demi-sœur consanguine     Yrsa Helgesdotter [I2176] entre 500 et 599
Beau-père Adils Ottarsson [I4849]entre 500 et 599
Mère Yrsa Helgesdotter [I2176]entre 500 et 599
    Le demi-frère utérin     Øystein Adilsson [I4848] estimée vers 600

Arbre généalogique

  1. Helge Halfdansson [I2177]
    1. Yrsa Helgesdotter [I2176]
      1. Hrólfr Kraki