Sigurd Hring Randversson 1 2a

Nom de naissance Sigurd Hring Randversson
Nom de naissance Sigurðr hringr
Nom de naissance Sigurd Ring Randversson
Identifiant Gramps I4905
Genre masculin
Âge au décès environ 82 ans



Sigurd Hring (Old Norse: Sigurðr hringr (Hringr meaning 'Ring')) (ca 750) was a Swedish and Danish king mentioned in many old Scandinavian legends. According to Bósa saga ok Herrauds, there was once a saga on Sigurd Hring, but this saga is now lost. In the old sources, he is notable for winning the Battle of the Brávellir against Harald Wartooth and for being the father of Ragnar Lodbrok.

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Évènement Date Lieu Description Sources
Décès [E2827] vers 812      
Naissance [E2826] vers 730      


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Père Randver Radbardsson av Lethra [I4821]
Mère Godfredsdotter av Danmark [I4816]
         Sigurd Hring Randversson vers 730 vers 812

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