Eystein Ivarsson 1a 1b

Nom de naissance Eystein Ivarsson
Nom de naissance Eystein Glumra
Nom de naissance Eystein le Fracassant
Nom de naissance Eystein the Clatterer
Nom de naissance Eistein
Identifiant Gramps I4890
Genre masculin
Âge au décès environ 84 ans


The Orkneying saga does not speak at all of Nór's descendants, but introduces instead a figure named Halfdan the Old as the son of Sveidi (Sveiði) the Sea-king, who is called Svadi (Svaði) in the Ættartolur. Sveidi/Svadi in both texts was son of Heiti, son of Gór who was Nór's brother.

This second Halfdan the Old is father of Jarl Ívar of the Uplands who married a daughter of a certain Eistein and so became father of Eystein the Clatterer (Eysteinn Glumra) who was father of Jarl Rögnvald of Møre and of Rögnvald's brother Sigurd, and also of two daughters: Svanhild who was one of King Harald Fairhair's wives and another daughter named Malahule. According to various sources, Jarl Rögnvald had three illegitimate sons: Hallad (Hallaðr), Hrollaug (Hrollaugr), and Torf-Einarr. Later, by his wife Ragnhild (Ragnhildr) daughter of Hrólf Nose (Hrólf Nefja), Rögnvald was father of three legitimate sons: Hrólf, Ívar, and Thórir (Þórir) the Silent. Hrólf, also called Ganger-Hrólf (Gǫngu-Hrólfr 'Hrólf the walker'), Icelandic/Norwegian historians identify him as the Rollo who conquered Neustria which was then renamed as Normandy, but that identification seems very doubtful. Thórir inherited his father's lands. The first four Jarls of Orkney were successively Rögnvald's brother Sigurd, Sigurd's son Guthorm (Guttormr), Rögnvald's son Hallad, and Rögnvald's son Turf-Einar. From Turf-Einar the later Jarls descended. Hrollaug and his wife and sons settled in Iceland.

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Événement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E2796] vers 810 Oppland, Norvège    
Décès [E2797] vers 894 Oppland, Norvège    


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Ívar [I2547]
         Eystein Ivarsson vers 810 vers 894


Famille de Eystein Ivarsson et Aseda Ragnvaldsdotter [F1789]

Inconnu Conjoint Aseda Ragnvaldsdotter [I4891] ( * vers 830 + vers 850 )
Nom Naissance Décès
Ragnvald Moerejarl Eysteinsson [I4423]entre 830 et 845vers 892

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