Búri 1a

Nom de naissance Búri
Identifiant Gramps I2593
Genre masculin



Buri ( qui sera appelé aussi Týr et Tuisto ) est selon la mythologie nordique le premier homme originel né de la vache Audhumla, qui en léchant le sel des rochers de Ginnungagap forma sa silhouette. Ses cheveux se dessinèrent le premier jour, le deuxième il eut une tête et enfin le troisième jour il fut achevé. Cet ancêtre des Dieux eut un fils, Bor, père d'Odin, Vili et Ve.

Búri was the first god in Norse mythology. He was the father of Borr and grandfather of Odin. He was formed by the cow Auðumbla licking the salty ice of Ginnungagap. The only extant source of this myth is Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda.

The length of the u in the name is not explicitly marked in the manuscripts but it is traditionally assumed to be long because of its metrical position in Þórvaldr's stanza. However, the metrical structure of fornyrðislag is hardly strict enough for definite conclusions to be reached from a single occurrence - especially when the imperfect oral and manuscript traditions are taken into account. It is thus entirely possible that the original form was Buri.

The meaning of either Búri or Buri is not known. The first could be related to búr meaning "storage room" and the second could be related to burr meaning "son". "Buri" may mean "producer."

In any case the form Buri is often used in an ASCII context or as an anglicization of Búri. In the mainland Scandinavian languages Bure is used as a familiar form.

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Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Mère Audhumla [I2594]


Famille de Búri [F1121]

Nom Naissance Décès
Bor [I2588]

Arbre généalogique

  1. Audhumla [I2594]
    1. Búri
        1. Bor [I2588]

Références de la source

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