Baçlabić des Hevelli 1 2

Nom de naissance Baçlabić des Hevelli
Nom de naissance Václav
Identifiant Gramps I3464
Genre masculin


Prince des Stodorani


The Hevelli or Hevellians (sometimes Havolane; German: Heveller or Stodoranen; Polish: Hawelanie or Stodoranie; Czech: Havolané or Stodorané) were a Slavic tribe who lived around the river Havel in the Havelland area of Brandenburg in eastern Germany from the 8th century onwards.

The Hevelli built fortifications at Brenna (later to become Brandenburg an der Havel) and intermarried with the neighboring Saxons and the Bohemians{cn}. They also built a large outpost at the current site of Spandau Citadel in Berlin.

Together with the Sprevjane, the Hevelli waged war against not only the German feudal states to the west, but also neighboring Slavic tribes. They were gradually assimilated by Germans during the Ostsiedlung.

[source Wikipedia]


Famille de Baçlabić des Hevelli [F1589]

Nom Naissance Décès
? des Hevelli [I2866]

Arbre généalogique

    1. Baçlabić des Hevelli
        1. ? des Hevelli [I2866]