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Nom de naissance Gépides
Identifiant Gramps I2716
Genre masculin


Austricuse, fille du roi des Gépides, dite aussi « Ostrogotha », peut-être en raison de ses origines ostrogothiques (Austrigusa, a Gepid possibly named after her maternal descent from Ostrogothic rulers), dont ils eurent :
Wisigarde, qu'il donna en mariage au roi des Francs Théodebert Ier;
Walderade, mariée successivement au fils de ce dernier, le roi Théodebald, puis à Clotaire Ier qui la délaissa pour la donner à Garibald, un prince bajuvare. Par cette union, Waccho devint plus tard le grand-père de Théodelinde de Bavière, future reine des Lombards en Italie.

[source Wikipedia]


Jordanes states that the Gepids were a sub-group of the Goths, recounting that during the migration from Scandinavia their ship was the slowest, their name being derived from "gepanta" or "sluggish ones". The Gepids migrated southwards and settled east of the river Tisza in present-day Hungary. By the 370s, they had fallen under the domination of the Huns. After fighting as Hun allies at the battle of the Catalaunian Fields in 451, their leader Ardaric defeated Ellac, son of Attila, at the battle of Nedao river in 454. The Ostrogoths defeated a Gepid, Rugian and Scythian alliance at the river Bolia in 469, but in 471 the Gepids captured Sirmium, in territory conquered by the Ostrogoths on their way into Italy. The Gepids recaptured Sirmium under king Elemund. The Lombards conquered the Gepid kingdom in the mid-6th century. Little detailed information has been found on the Gepid kings.

[source Medieval Lands]


Famille de Gépides et ? ? [F1179]

Inconnu Conjoint ? ? [I2717] ( * + ... )
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Ostrogotha [I2715]

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    1. Gépides
      1. ? ? [I2717]
        1. Ostrogotha [I2715]