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Nom de naissance Fornjót
Nom de naissance Fornjótr
Nom de naissance Fornjot
Identifiant Gramps I2456
Genre masculin


Note : 1

Géant nordique.

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Fornjót (Old Norse Fornjótr) is an ancient giant in Norse mythology, the father of Kári (a personification of wind), of Logi (a personification of fire), and of Hlér or Ægir (the ruler of the sea) and a king of Finland. The meaning of the name is not clear, It might possibly be from forn 'old' + jótr 'Jutlander' or more likely 'giant' (Finnish 'jätti', Norse 'jotunn' - giant) or might be from for 'early' + njótr 'destroyer'. Fornjót is also, following a particular legendary genealogical tradition, the first-known direct paternal ancestor of William I of England and also through other supposed descendants a terminal ancestor of ascending branches of many European noble families and modern Icelandic families.

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Famille de Fornjót [F1054]

Nom Naissance Décès
Ægir [I2454]
Logi [I2457]
Kári [I2458]

Arbre généalogique

    1. Fornjót
        1. Ægir [I2454]
        2. Logi [I2457]
        3. Kári [I2458]

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