Nikolaos Kumet 1 2 3

Nom de naissance Nikolaos Kumet
Nom de naissance Nikola
Identifiant Gramps I3009
Genre masculin



Nikola was a Bulgarian nobleman and father of counts David, Moses and Aron, and of tsar Samuil of Bulgaria. He ruled Serdica. He was a governor of regions in the western part of the First Bulgarian Empire. His son Samuel ruled as emperor of the First Bulgarian Empire from 996 to 1014.

[source Wikipedia]


The evidence for his supposed Armenian origin is provided by the Armenian historian Asolik, who refers to "deux frères qui s´appelaient Komsajag…l´aîné…Samuel, de nationalité arménienne, originaire du canton de Derĵan" (on the Euphrates, west of Erzerum), adds that Emperor Basilieos had brought them with mercenary troops to Macedonia to fight the Bulgars, that they defected "au roi des Bulgares, qui était eunuque", and that "les Comitopoules occupèrent la pays bulgare et entrèrent en guerre acharnée contre l´empereur".

While it is clear that Samuil´s mother´s name was Armenian, the same cannot be said for Nikolaos, although it is possible that this was not his original name. No other information is known about Samuil´s father, or his more distant ancestry, their family background presumably being modest. It is assumed that he died before the revolt organised by his sons as he is not named in the primary sources in connection with this event.

[source Foundation for Medieval Genealogy]