Nom de naissance Egil
Identifiant Gramps I2542
Genre masculin



Ödlings :

Audi and his brother Budli were sea-kings who raided together and settled in Valland (France) and Saxland (Saxony). Audi ruled in Valland. He was father of Fródi (Fróði), father of Kjár (Kjárr), father of Ölrún (Ǫlrún).

Ölrún, daughter of King Kjár of Valland, appears in the prose introduction to the Völundarkvida, as a Valkyrie swan-maiden who became the wife of Völund's brother Egil. The name Kjárr can be etymologically derived from Latin Caesar. But here the connection with France suggests it might be an adaptation of French Charles.

[source Wikipedia]


Famille de Egil et Ölrún [F1098]

Mariés Femme Ölrún [I2541] ( * + ... )

Arbre généalogique

    1. Egil
      1. Ölrún [I2541]